Whether with great intention, or just by happenstance, you have found your way to Bethany!

We are an open community. When we say “all are welcome,” we are not simply stating a slogan; this phrase informs how we do everything, from worship to service, music to education, and beyond.

While worship is in a traditional format, it is not stuffy. All are invited to participate in Communion, regardless of background. Education classes are open to everyone, as well.

Whatever it is that brings you to Bethany, know that the pastors and staff are ready to engage you. On a Sunday morning there are many people that pass through our several entrances. We invite you to seek out a pastor to introduce yourself. While we do our best to connect with our new worshipers, we know that it is easy to miss someone. Please also feel welcome to contact us using the form below, or fill out a “new worshiper” card on Sunday mornings if either of those is more your speed.

In the meantime, we hope you will explore the many and varied ministries here at Bethany. We know there is a niche for you, and we look forward to worshiping together!

-Pastor Gary Sandberg