Need a Pastor?


It’s a storied journey with many and varied chapters and milestones. The community of Bethany Lutheran is honored to accompany people through all that life delivers. Our care expressions are many and varied with our excellent Stephen Ministers and Director of Pastoral Care, Janet.

We do recognize that sometimes you may wish to converse with or visit face to face with one of our pastors. Pastor Gary and Pastor Nate are available to meet and discuss questions and concerns regarding your faith life and life events. As well, when the occasion of a baptism, a marriage, a funeral, or other life milestone would be enhanced by an accompanying ritual they are honored to be involved. We hear God referred to in John 10 as the Good Shepherd and we pastors are humbled to have the chance to be shepherds to the good people of Bethany and the surrounding communities.

To reach us or schedule an appointment use the contact form below or call the church office at 303.758.2820.