Bethany Foundation

The primary purpose of the Bethany Foundation is to further Lutheran and Christian leadership development in individuals through education. In connection with this goal, the Foundation Board receives and reviews scholarship applications each year.

The Board approves $1,250 to undergraduates who are attending either an ELCA college, or a Christian college from a denomination that has full affiliation with the ELCA.

In addition, the Board approved $3,250 to those attending ELCA Seminaries.

Finally, each year the Board reviews various Grant requests for projects or undertakings that will:

  • enrich, or uplift in some special way, the spiritual life of the Church congregation;
  • provide some worthy addition or improvement to the facilities of the Church that seem beyond achievement through then currently existing channels;
  • or, give needed assistance or support to a worthy individual, family or Christian enterprise.

We would love to hear from you, so please feel free to contact a member of the Foundation Board or one of our pastors for a more in depth discussion and information.


Contact Andy for more information about scholarships and grants, or to turn in an application. Download applications and policies here: