Greetings Bethany Family,

In our continued efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy, we are providing the following update:


  • We will continue to live-stream worship on Sundays at 9:30a.m. until we believe it is safe to worship in person again. Click here to access the Bethany Live site . We will keep you posted on that progress. We are posting the bulletin on the worship tab so you can follow online and invite you to pass along to your family, friends and neighbors who would like to continue worship.


  • The Pastoral team is constantly adding devotional content to our tumblr site. Please click here to access these posts, videos and podcasts.


  • Wednesday dramas are being recorded, click here to view this week’s video.


  • We still fully intend to hold Holy Week & Easter worship services in person as soon as we’re able to (though it’s very likely this will not happen on the actual calendar dates). Stay tuned for weekly updates on Tuesdays and Fridays.



  • We have acquired a Zoom subscription in effort to help facilitate groups to meetup virtually. Group leaders, contact the church to help coordinate.


  • God’s Word for the Week is still meeting (virtually) on Mondays at 9:00a.m. & the Prayer Line is providing 15min calls on Tuesdays at 11:00a.m. Click here to contact the church for more details on how to participate.


  • We’ve placed a shopping cart (under the southeast portico) if you’d like to help by donating non-perishable goods for those in need. If you know someone in need, please invite them to come by and grab a few items (it’s currently overflowing)!


  • We have a network of volunteers who can do personal shopping/errands for the homebound. Please contact the church if you know of someone in need!


  • So far, all meetups have been cancelled for next week (Mar.29 – Apr.3) but we’ll maintain the 10:00 – 3:00 office hours if you need to make a drop-off/pick-up. You must use the door west of the playground, this is the only door available to let someone in.




Dear Bethany Family,

In response to COVID-19 (coronavirus) protocols, the Bishop of the Rocky Mountain Synod sent the following on Friday, March 13 at 4:25p.m.

“Having prayerfully considered our current situation with respect to COVID-19 and in light of the quickly evolving nature of this pandemic, I am recommending that all ELCA congregations in the Rocky Mountain Synod, regardless of location or number of congregants, suspend public worship gatherings, events and meetings beginning immediately until at least April 1”

As such, Bethany Lutheran Church will NOT hold worship services or education gatherings in our building on Sundays, for the foreseeable future. The Pastors will conduct a closed worship from our Sanctuary at 9:30a.m. on Sundays, in which you are invited to participate through live-streaming only. At that time, you can access worship via this link to BethanyLive.orgThe worship recording will then be archived.

In addition, we are closing our building to larger outside groups for the next few weeks (the majority of these have already cancelled on their own). We are also cancelling Wednesday worship and soup meals, as well as XYZ, choirs, and other Bethany groups that meet during the week.

While we are not aware of any coronavirus illness connected with our campus, the building will be undergoing some deeper cleaning during this time.

Rest assured that our custodians and cleaning crew are diligent in their cleaning and disinfecting. This was true long before the recent virus outbreak and will continue long after this time period ends.

This is also true for the Bethany Early Childhood Center (BECC). BECC will be closed from March 16 – March 27. During that time the BECC staff will be cleaning and preparing lessons plans for the next several months.

Our office staff hours will be 10:00-3:00 each Monday – Friday. The Pastoral Team is available for visits in the office or for one of us to come to your home throughout the days and evenings. Please call on us if we can be of any assistance. To stay connected to Bethany, and for spiritual upliftment, go to BethanyDevos.tumblr.com. You will find several devotion options, with more being added weekly.

Bethany leaders will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates.

The Pastoral Team and musicians are committed to creating and presenting an inspirational worship through BethanyLive.org. We will do our utmost to keep our Bethany Family Together for Good in these days.

Joyfully Serving Christ,

Pastor Gary and Pastor Nate